Truffle Haiku Contest! Enter Here!!





Join the farmers, foragers, and chef of Springwater Farm in celebrating the peak of the truffle season as Valentines Day draws near.  Submit a haiku, waxing poetic on the subject of truffles, in the “comments” of this blog post to be entered into the contest.  Winners will be announced February 14th, and prizes can be claimed at the Springwater Farm Booth at the Hillsdale Farmers Market (or at PFM when they open in March).

For more on truffles, including a tutorial and a couple of recipes, check out my post on last season’s GSNW blog:  “Eat Something Sexy!” or stay tuned to the Farmer’s Feast – just today I brought home some truffles (some truffles!  a perk of cooking for a truffle forager -) and Ancient Heritage Dairy Elk Lake cheese.  I plan to experiment with a truffled fonduta recipe very soon!

Need a little assistance getting started?  The 2010 entries can be found here, and below is the 2010 grand prize winning haiku, submitted by Mary Kay Gehring.  Good Luck!

You said you weren’t sure

Then I fed you some truffles

All those years ago


About Kathryn LaSusa Yeomans

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13 Responses to Truffle Haiku Contest! Enter Here!!

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  3. And here is the collection of haiku poems that were submitted at the Springwater Farm booth at the Hillsdale Farmers Market:

    by BG:
    Hidden Dame Truffles
    Black and White Knobs of Pleasure
    How My Mouth Waters

    First befriend a swine
    Next profess your Truffle wish:
    “Bejewel my pasta”

    From F.I.:
    Rooted from the damp earth
    a little bit of heaven
    sautéed for dinner

    From B. Goldberg:
    Black or white delight
    on all my favorite dishes
    so trufflicious

    From Geo:
    A kiss on her lips
    A trifle for a truffle
    A heart on a sleeve

    From Pamela Canaday:
    They lie underground
    Waiting to be discovered
    Heaven in the dirt

    From Jason Windsor:
    Truffles, you grow in the ground
    Pigs love you.
    We love you also

  4. Christie DeMiranda says:

    Some may dare call you
    ascomycetous fungus
    But truffles, you’re loved.

  5. Christie DeMiranda says:

    I’m the hunter pig.
    I am going to find you.
    Truffles, you are MINE!

  6. Christie DeMiranda says:

    Trufficulteurs find
    some bumpy, wrinkled masses.
    Thankful evermore.

  7. Jeremy Katz says:

    Underneath the duff
    There lies most marvelous stuff
    Treasures of Truffles

    Oh! Dew Drop Riches
    Forested in your niches
    Take me there again

    The foragers gaze
    Only broken by smiles
    In bountiful woods

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  9. B. Goldbird says:

    Black and white are tight
    on all my favorite dishes,
    so trufflicious!

  10. J Luthergoober says:

    Dirt worm chance
    My pig’s nose
    Found it and an arrowhead.

  11. Marshall Clinton says:

    Truffle dance,
    melt sensuously in 
    to the void I fear. 

  12. Chuck Douros says:

    It was our first time
    You and I unearthed much more
    Now we search as one

  13. Mary Kay Gehring says:

    How best to woo you?
    Shaved lightly over pasta
    Fragrant lumps of love

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