Photos of the Feast – The First Springwater Farm Dinner

A magical Feast can only exist when the beauty of the food is matched by the beauty of the people involved in bringing it forth.  I am so very thankful for the extraordinary people who grew, gathered, and raised this food, to the talent that I had at my side in the kitchen, and to the elegant, thoughtful maitre d’, providing the link between the kitchen, the food, and the diners.  I am grateful for the lovely group that gathered to partake in the Feast, and thrilled to hear of their delight in the evening.
Cheers to the first Springwater Farm Dinner!   

Sous Chef Devon Chase (right) and Maitre d' Rachael Palmer Prepare Beggar's Purses


Truffle Butter

Truffles & Microplane

Serving Bagna Cauda

Crisp Vegetables with Truffled Bagna Cauda

Hand-rolled Fuzi Pasta







Serving Pasta with Sausage-Truffle Sauce










Ladling Crystal-Clear Consommé

Host Randal's Consommé Bowls








Norma Tastes the Tamworth Pork Consommé









"Tamworth Pork Consommé with Stinging Nettles & Trumpets of Death"

Roast Pork, Crisp & Resting







Devon's Incredible Roasted Tamworth Pork Belly Stuffed with Kale, Prunes, & Wild Chestnuts

Pork Roast with Truffled Celery Root & Forest Mushrooms


Salad of Foraged Miner's Lettuce & Chickweed









Shaving White Truffles over the Salad








Cheese Course

Ancient Heritage Opal Creek & Table Rock Cheese






Cheese with Citrus Conserve & Blackberry Mostarda

Oregon Black Truffle










Dipping Truffles in Bittersweet Chocolate








Bacon Caramels









Sweet Cicely Schnapps

Thanks & Gratitude to the Farms

that contributed to The Feast!!

Ancient Heritage Dairy

Ayers Creek Farm

Gathering Together Farm

DeNoble’s Farm

Greenville Farms

Rick Steffan Farm

Blossom Vinegars

& to

Tastebud Restaurant

Butcher Benny Yeomans

Bread Baker Giana Bernardini

Wine Coordinator Susan Aldrich



to host

Randal Crowe

you are gracious, and your kitchen is a great place to cook!


Springwater Farm's Norma Cravens






Farmer & Forager Roger Konka, Springwater Farm








photos by Kathryn Yeomans & Janet Hillock


About Kathryn LaSusa Yeomans

By offering Sage Culinary Advice, The Farmer's Feast assists Farmers' Market shoppers in making the most of their purchases, and helps vendors realize the culinary possibilities of their products. We create culinary education programs at Farmers' Markets. Through food preparation and cooking demonstrations, recipes focusing on technique, samples, stories and free advice, we're encouraging people to cook more often, from scratch, with market-fresh ingredients. Our goal? To cultivate domestic culinary arts. Once you've tasted the Farmer's Feast - glistening local produce, pastured meats, artisan cheese, wild seafood, rich nuts, grains and legumes - and see how easy cooking this bounty can be, you'll be hungry for fresh. Visit The Farmer's Feast on Facebook / E-mail
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7 Responses to Photos of the Feast – The First Springwater Farm Dinner

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  3. Peggyann Grainger says:

    I want to get on the list!

  4. Christie DeMiranda says:

    Holy TRUFFLE this looks good!

  5. Sure, Christine, thanks! Hope to see you next time.

  6. Christine and Jim says:

    Lovely photos. We almost attended at the invite of Randal, but could not. Would you please put my address on your mail list for future dinners?


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