The Farmer’s Feast at PFM’s New Winter Market – Ready to Eat!!!

The season’s bounty, straight from the farm, prepared and served at the Farmers’ Market.  A Farmer’s Feast amidst the Farmers at the Farmers’ Market!

Join us this Saturday, January 7th  for the grand opening of Portland Farmers’ Market’s new Winter Market as The Farmer’s Feast partners up with Springwater Farm to offer shoppers a unique Farmers’ Market experience.

Throughout the winter, at Portland and Hillsdale Farmers’ Markets, the Springwater Farm booth adds a new dimension to their farmstand.  Alongside the array of wild & cultivated mushrooms for sale, Springwater Farm will serve a weekly selection of ready-to-eat breakfast & lunch fare.  Chef Kathryn Yeomans of The Farmer’s Feast will take what is fresh & abundant on the farm (& in the forest), and complement these ingredients with eggs, cheese, bread, & vegetables from the Farmers’ Market winter harvest to give shoppers a distinctive dining experience.

In addition to mushrooms, Roger Konka & Norma Cravens of Springwater Farm are bringing to market 2 heritage breed Tamworth pigs.  (a pig post will follow soon to tell you more about the farm & the pigs.)  Chef Kathryn will work her way through cuts of pork, creating a menu featuring a “pig of the week” selection.

But wait, there’s more!

Springwater Farm & The Farmer’s Feast will make available the recipes used to create the feast!  So many ways to enjoy the feast – ready-to-eat or make it yourself with market-fresh ingredients!

Here’s our grand opening menu.  See you Saturday @ PFM or Sunday @ Hillsdale Farmers’ Market…or both!  Saturday for breakfast, Sunday for lunch, perhaps.  Just a serving suggestion!

Springwater Farm Menu

Market Egg Sandwich
fried Greenville Farms chicken egg with
shiitake & wild hedgehog mushrooms
& Alsea Acres Alpines garlic-chive chevre
on Dave’s Killer Bread

Miso Mushroom Soup
with immune system-boosting ingredients
a restorative soup of shiitake mushrooms,
red miso, nori, garlic, OTA tofu, & scallion
in a flavorful mushroom broth

Winter Minestrone
seasonal vegetables simmered
with guanciale (bacon-cured pork jowl),
market beans, & fresh herbs
in a rich pork broth
garnished with pesto Genovese (made & preserved at summer’s peak
with Springwater Farm basil)

Hungarian Mushroom Soup
with Late-Harvest Chanterelles
sautéed end-of-the-season chanterelle mushrooms,
onions, paprika, & dill
in a rich mushroom broth, with sour cream

Pig of the Week

Pork & Shiitake Mushroom Sliders
Tamworth heritage-breed pork, ground with
roasted shiitake mushrooms
seasoned with onions & spices
and served on Delphina Bakery’s “honey buns”
with Roger’s gathered greens
& your choice of Springwater Farm Mushroom Catsup
or fresh tomato ketchup

Tamworth Pork Pâté
ground pork & fresh pork liver,
cognac, shallots, & herbs
served on ciabatta bruschetta
with wild salad & cranberry mostarda

Tea of Immortality
healing red reishi “mushroom of immortality”
blended with brewed tea
served hot


About Kathryn LaSusa Yeomans

By offering Sage Culinary Advice, The Farmer's Feast assists Farmers' Market shoppers in making the most of their purchases, and helps vendors realize the culinary possibilities of their products. We create culinary education programs at Farmers' Markets. Through food preparation and cooking demonstrations, recipes focusing on technique, samples, stories and free advice, we're encouraging people to cook more often, from scratch, with market-fresh ingredients. Our goal? To cultivate domestic culinary arts. Once you've tasted the Farmer's Feast - glistening local produce, pastured meats, artisan cheese, wild seafood, rich nuts, grains and legumes - and see how easy cooking this bounty can be, you'll be hungry for fresh. Visit The Farmer's Feast on Facebook / E-mail
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5 Responses to The Farmer’s Feast at PFM’s New Winter Market – Ready to Eat!!!

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  3. lorrainemt says:

    It was a kale sort of day for sure! And thanks for stopping by my blog. Now I’m looking forward to enjoying more of your wonderful soup at the winter markets.

  4. What a wonderful post, Lorraine! You really captured the feel of the market yesterday, and I simply loved your appreciation & enthusiasm for the Farmers. They are brilliant folks, intelligent about what they do, and excited to offer their wonderful wares to shoppers like you. What a wonderful shopper-producer relationship we have at the Farmers’ Markets!

    And thank you for the fine compliments! I’ll have more soup at Hillsdale & PFM throughout the winter! And by the way, the kale you found so fine was the very one I used for the Minestrone soup.

    See you at the market!

  5. lorrainemt says:

    Hi Kathryn, my husband and I loved your soups yesterday at the Hillsdale Market. I posted a bit about your booth, your delicious soups, and a picture too. I also linked your blog to mine. I’m so glad to have met you…and your soups!
    Lorraine from

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